Article 1: Purpose 1.1 The website of Dautzenberg NV aims to provide the visitor with information about the goods and services it offers. Dautzenberg NV makes every effort with due care and attention to keep the information on the website as current, complete and accurate as possible. It does not guarantee that the nature and content of the information is complete and correct. Article 2: Liability 2.1 Dautzenberg NV is not liable for damage suffered by the user or a third party as a result of using the website. 2.2 Dautzenberg NV will make every effort to make the website available to the visitor. Dautzenberg NV does not guarantee that the website will be uninterrupted or fully available at all times. 2.3 Dautzenberg NV reserves the right to block the website unannounced or to put it out of use for maintenance, modification, expansion, deletion or otherwise change. Article 3: Intellectual property 3.1 The website is the property of Dautzenberg NV. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights belong to Dautzenberg NV, including text, image, design, logo and sound. 3.2 Without the prior written consent of Dautzenberg NV, visitors and third parties are not permitted to reproduce, modify or publish the content of the website. Article 4: Links with other websites 4.1 To promote user-friendliness, the website contains links to external websites. Dautzenberg NV is not liable for the use or content of these external websites. 4.2 The privacy and cookie policy of Dautzenberg NV does not apply to personal data collected and processed on or via the aforementioned external websites. Article 5: Privacy and cookie policy 5.1 Dautzenberg NV processes the personal data that are required for administrative and statistical purposes. These personal data are not provided by Dautzenberg NV to third parties, except for an obligation to do so imposed by law or court order. 5.2 Dautzenberg NV collects cookies to promote the user-friendliness of the website. Cookies are understood to mean data files about the use of the website by the visitor. 5.3 The visitor gives Dautzenberg NV permission to collect cookies and to process his personal data for the aforementioned purposes. 5.4 Dautzenberg NV is at all times entitled to unilaterally change its privacy and cookie policy.


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